Buffalo NY Martial Arts Dojo

The Martial Arts Dojo

Photo of the front of the dojo when facing it from George Urban Blvd.

Facing the dojo from George Urban Blvd in Cheektowaga.

The “Dojo” (place where one learns ‘the way’ = School) is open to any person interested in martial arts and realistic self-defense training . We practice Nihon Goshinjutsu Aikido, a modern Japanese form of Budo ( Martial Ways ) derived from the martial arts: Nihon Goshin Aikido & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Jerry R. Phelps – Shiihan is the head instructor at the dojo. He is an energetic and loving teacher. He also trains WITH his students. He does not just stand up and teach then sit back. He loves to feel how his students are doing, so he can help them. By being an active participant, he is better able to understand their progress and has the fun of training too.

 Our Location

Our dojo is located in Cheektowaga near the junction of the 33 and I-90.  It is conveniently accessible from most parts of Buffalo and Western NY.

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Our Facilities

The Aikido School of Self Defense is well equipped for modern martial arts training, with high quality wall to wall mats designed for our Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training, as well as heavy bags and pads for striking.  Weight training equipment is also available for use at no extra charge for students.